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Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: Do you do custom commissions? 
We do! Email us at with the subject line "Commission" and let us know a bit about what you're looking to do and we can start that process for you! 

Q: Is everything one-of-a-kind? 
Technically because it is all hand painted no two bags, jackets, or shoe are the same. Although we do repeat certain designs (carbs, shrooms, ya'll know the deal) we try and mix them up a bit so each one is uniquely yours! 

Q: I'm in love with a piece but it's not in my size, what can I do?
No problem! Email us at with the subject line "Source my size" and let us know which piece you were looking to get and your size and we'll be off to the races!

Q: Can I send you an item to paint?
Unfortunately we don't offer this service, some leather doesn't react well to our process and we've ruined a fair share of pieces so we'd rather not tempt fate with one of your amazing personal items. 

Q: ILY, can we collab?
Umm, ILY2, and heck yes, DM us or give us an email at 

Q: Are your bags Gluten-free?
10000% but we suggest you don't nibble on them ;)